HTTP Status Codes

This part of the website identifies HTTP status codes (not all but most), These are used on every website you connect to, even localhost and your IP address!

1xx Informational - Request received and the server continues the request.
2xx Successful - Request received, understood, and accepted.
3xx Redirect - Further action needed by the user to complete the request.
4xx Client Error - Request contains bad syntax or the server cannot complete the request
5xx Server Error - The server cannot complete the request due to a problem.

These HTTP statuses do exist however they are not defined in RFC 2616

7xx Not Detected By The Server - A 2xx response was received however it was not fulfilled normally.
8xx No Connection - No response was received from the server
9xx Not Checked - Used for status code extensions

6xx is a reserved status and is not used.

1xx Informational

100 Continue - Continue request, request has not been rejected by the server.
101 Switching Protocols - Server understands request, but it will switch protocols (e.g from HTTP from HTTPS or to a newer version of HTTP/HTTPS)
102 Processing - Interim attempts to inform client that the server has accepted the request, but has not completed it.

2xx Successful

200 OK - Request has succeeded.
201 Created - Request fulfilled and new resources are being created
202 Accepted - Basically 201, but the new resources were created.
203 Non-authoritative Information - Request successful but payload has been modified from the origin server's 200 OK.
204 No Content - Request fulfilled and there is no additional content to send in the payload body
205 Reset Content -Request fulfilled, the server desires the user agent reset the document view which caused the request to be sent to its original state
206 Partial Content - Server is fulfilling a range request for the target resource.
207 Multi-status - Conveys information about multiple status codes.
208 Already Reported - Used for DAV. Propstat response to avoid enumerating internal members
226 IM Used - Server fulfilled a GET request, and the response is a representation of the result for one or more instance-manipulations

3xx Redirect

300 Multiple Choices - Target resource wasn't found, but similar resources were found and listed.
301 Moved Permanently - Resource has been moved to a permanent URI.
302 Found - Resource resides temporarily under a different URI.
303 See Other - Server redirects the user agent to a different resource.
304 Not Modified - Conditional GET or HEAD response would have been accepted and would receive a 200 OK response if the fact that the condition was false
206 Partial Content - Server is fulfilling a range request for the target resource.
307 Temporary Redirect - Resource resides a different URI temporarily.
308 Permanent Redirect - Resource assigned a new permanent URI.

4xx Client Error

400 Bad Request - Server refuses to accept request due to malformed syntax.
401 Unauthorized - Request not applied due to invalid authentication credentials.
402 Payment Required - Reserved for the future
403 Forbidden - Server understands request but refuses to authorize it
404 Not Found - The resource was not found on the server
405 Method Not Allowed - Request method not supported by target resource
410 Gone - Basically 404, but the resource will be gone permanently.
415 Unsupported Media Type - Payload is in a format that the resource cannot support
418 I'm a teapot - The entity body is short and stout. See Google's 418 easter egg
429 Too Many Requests - The user performed too many requests in a specific amount of time.
451 Unavailable for Legal Reasons - The server rejecting the requests due to legal demands.

5xx Server Error

500 Internal Server Error - Server encountered an unexpected condition and could not complete the request
501 Not Implemented - Server does not support the functionality required to complete the request
502 Bad Gateway - Server received an invalid response from an inbound server
503 Service Unavailable - Server cannot handle request due to overload or maintenance
504 Gateway Timeout - The server could not complete the request in a specific amount of time
505 HTTP Version Not Supported - Server refuses to support the major HTTP version used in the request.

7xx Not Detected

701 Unauthorized - Responds with 200 OK, but needs additional action by the user
703 Forbidden - Responds with 200 OK, but refusing to complete the request
704 Not Found - Responds with 200 OK, but no resource with the name the request made wasn't found
712 Parking Page - Server sends a 200 OK, but the domain shows a parking page

8xx No Connection

800 Scheme - Scheme can only be used to retrieve files over a network or local machine
806 Domain Name Not Valid - The domain name was not valid
807 Failed Connection - Domain name was valid, but connection to the server failed
818 Wrong File Size - Transfer was shorter/longer than expected, response did not match the given size by the server
828 Operation Timeout - Used for BrokenLinkTool, connection was aborted by their software.
851 Peer failed verification - Server's SSL certificate was deemed not okay.
852 No Answer - No response was given from the server while a response was expected
899 No Status Code - Response header did not contain any status code

9xx Not Checked

901 Disallowed - Subscribers to a commercial service can disallow addresses of their choice.
910 Scheme Not Supported - Used for BrokenLinkTool, Links with a scheme not supported by BrokenLinkTool will result in this error.